The Upper Limb Therapy Centre adopts a system of comprehensive and personalized physiotherapy. The treatment of the patient, from beginning to end, is carried out by one physiotherapist who applies manual therapy, massage, physical therapy (modalities) and exercises during each session. The whole procedure is planned by an experienced physiotherapist who monitors the course of treatment on an ongoing basis. Physiotherapy at our Centre is intended for patients who have incurred various types of upper limb musculoskeletal injuries, those who are preparing for surgery, have undergone upper limb surgery or are struggling with acute or chronic pain.

We specialize in the treatment of:

Forearm, wrist, hand

– hand fractures 
– radius and ulna fractures
– carpal instability
– triangular fibrocartilage complex injury

flexor tendon and extensor tendon injury

– hand ligament injury
– carpal tunnel syndrome
– de Quervain’s syndrome

– Dupuytren’s disease
– mallet finger and Boutonniere deformity
– trigger finger
– Guyon’s canal syndrome
– hand and finger amputations and replantations
– upper extremity algodystrophy and complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS)
– hand rheumatoid arthritis
– hand avascular necrosis
– hand osteoarthritis


– elbow dislocation
– elbow ligament injury
– „Tennis elbow”
– „Golfer’s elbow”
– distal biceps tendon injury
– distal triceps tendon injury
– radial nerve injury
– median nerve injury
– ulnar nerve injury
– posterior interosseous nerve syndrome
– cubital tunnel syndrome
– post-traumatic stiff elbow


– shoulder girdle fractures

– humerus fracture
– shoulder instability
– labral tears of the shoulder
– adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder (“frozen shoulder”)
– shoulder impingement
– snapping scapula syndrome
– scapular dyskinesis
– rotator cuff injuries
– proximal biceps tendon injury
– proximal triceps tendon injury
– brachial plexus injury
– shoulder arthritis

– congenital upper limb anomalies


Contact and address

The Upper Limb Therapy Centre

ul. Generała Kazimierza Pułaskiego 42G

50-443 Wrocław

+48 796 898 541

Mateusz Kuźniecow +48 793 215 522

Marcin Bieniek +48 570 503 758